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Warren Friss is a Highly Experience Corporate Attorney

May 18, 2017
Warren FrissAt this point in time, Warren Friss is considered to be a top-tier corporate attorney capable of handling virtually every legal situation for any company at any stage of business development, regardless of size. Warren is now a partner with Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti, LLP (Ingram), which is considered one of the most important corporate law firms in New York City. Ingram has a highly skilled group of attorneys, most of whom are considered by their peers to be among the best anywhere, and he leads those who serve in the corporate department, as that department’s managing partner.

It is his high level of skill makes Warren Friss stand out from almost anyone else. Throughout his quarter-century career, Warren has provided clients with legal services that feature a unique business-minded approach. He is capable of using his skill to get the best results for every one of them. As Ingram’s corporate managing partner, Warren Friss represents companies and other organizations in both the private and public sectors. He also represents non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs and start-ups, as well as investors and senior executives.

One reason people think highly of Warren Friss is due to his high level of talent and experience in virtually every area of corporate law. He has negotiated contracts, participated and given counsels on business formation and regulatory compliance, and he has guided companies in mergers and acquisitions, private placements, joint ventures and strategic alliances. One thing that makes Warren Friss stand out is his specialty, which is his ability to work with sports leagues, players’ associations and consumer product companies when it comes to licensing, sponsorships and promotions, personality rights and intellectual property matters.