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Former Topps Attorney Warren Friss

August 23, 2017
There are reasons why Warren Friss is considered a different kind of attorney. You see, he has a particular specialty that gives him an edge on several levels. For example, a primary reason he is in demand and has clients nationwide is because of his incredible ability to work in the realm of sports. He has worked with leagues, players’ associations and many sports-related consumer product companies and he has shown himself capable of getting the best licensing, sponsorship and promotional deals possible. Not only that, but Warren Friss is also among the best when it comes to intellectual property and personality rights issues and intellectual property matters.

This should surprise no one. Warren Friss may also be so sought-after due to his experience. He once spent considerable time as a general counsel for The Topps Company, known worldwide as the most prominent sports cards and memorabilia companies anywhere. During his time with Topps, Warren managed almost every aspect of that company's legal and compliance functions, experience that has served him well so far.

Warren Friss provides every client with the best business legal counsel available. His advice covers every aspect of business and every stage of the business life-cycle, from start-up to sell-off and liquidation. While Warren Friss has provided the best help to new businesses, he also has shown an ability to help established publicly traded companies with long records of success in their past. Those companies also range in size, from large multinationals to mom-and-pop businesses who are just trying to make a living for the family.