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Business Law is Attorney Warren Friss' Specialty

November 25, 2017
As a former attorney for The Topps Company, which is one of the largest and most prestigious sports cards and memorabilia companies in the world, it should surprise no one that Warren Friss has developed into something of a specialist on sports-related law. However, as much as he loves sports, he is a business attorney first and foremost. Over the years, Warren has established a long and impressive record helping companies of all sizes and types make the best decisions and the best deals for themselves.

The companies who have benefited from Warren Friss' talent and expertise certainly run the gamut, whether you want to look at size or strength. He has counseled all types of companies, from tiny entities with fewer than 10 employees to humongous publicly traded multinationals, as well as almost everything in between. It would be accurate to to say that Warren Friss has dealt with everything having to do with business, given that he has helped companies negotiate contracts, form new business entities and spinoffs and a whole lot more.