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Business and Sports Lawyer Warren Friss; One of a Kind

February 20, 2018
Over his career, Warren Friss has advised many clients on a large number of complex transactions, like mergers and acquisitions, private placements, joint ventures and strategic alliances, among many more. He also has shown a lot of experience and skill with issues like debt financing and employment law. What makes Warren Friss different, however, is his primary legal specialty. In that, he handles sports-related law and he has done so a lot. His propensity for that specialty likely came out of his time as general counsel for The Topps Company, known worldwide as one of the most prominent sports cards and memorabilia companies anywhere.

As a well-known business attorney, Warren Friss is capable of offering legal counsel and assistance to just about any business, whether he is representing an established company with lots of success behind them, or he is helping a start-up, who just want to get off to a flying start. He represents all sorts of other organizations, too, including pretty much everything in between those two examples. Warren Friss has handled many cases involving ownership restructuring and transitions and he is also proficient when it comes to business formation and regulatory compliance issues. He can also negotiate contracts.